Work Life Management

Work Life ManagementWe promote equal opportunities for women and men and support the best-possible reconciliation of work and family life. Gender equality and the equal treatment of men and women are a central priority for us. They are taken into account systematically on all levels.

Verkehrsbüro Group has been awarded the state certification as a family-friendly enterprise.

Our human resources policy speaks for itself:

  • about 65% of all employees are women
  • over 50% of our managers are women
  • approximately 70% of our female employees return to the company after maternity leave
  • flexible working-time models such as flex time and customized solutions for part-time employment are important contributions in this context
  • female employees on maternity leave can attend all basic and further training events
  • joining the Health Offensive, so that our employees can beneFIT in many ways.

We take our responsibility for our staff’s health very seriously. All Verkehrsbüro Group employees can choose from a wide range of health and fitness services. Every year we invest EUR 15,000 in our in-house health-care services

Fitness and sports – Verkehrsbüro Group

  • organizes fitness counselling, given by physiotherapists and sports researchers
  • offers health and physical fitness check-ups on Physical Fitness Day
  • sponsors participation in various sports events such as in the Wien Energie Business Run, the Vienna Night Run, the Vienna City Marathon, as well as Nordic walking and running groups

Health means more to us than merely physical and mental health. We specifically promote the individual good health of all staff members because we want our employees to be not only healthy but primarily happy!

HR Development

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